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Attempting To Edit Danielle Cohn's Wiki Page For People Who Don't Know Her (I Failed)

  • Hello friends! Thank you so much for watching my video of me attempting to actually put some proof on her Wikipedia page/ make a "real" page for her, so it would show on Google Search.
    To explain everything, first, I wanted to do this as a video - an experiment - that would be very interesting to know about Danielle Cohn. I am not a fan of Danielle Cohn. I repeat: I am not a fan of Danielle Cohn, and never will be!
    But even so, I want to make sure I can make a video exposing some truth about her age, scandals, and things she has done so far to make her be who she once were before, and how she got to be the star we all know as today–from literally putting her body out there and laughing at her childish acts while hating on here, Danielle Cohn.
    While on Wikipedia, I was trying to write this sort of things celebrities have when you write a autobiography on them to tag them next to their photo when you search their name up on Google Search is called an "article", and I was tempting to do a video of me - on my brand new Apple MacBook Pro - trying out it out for the very first time while researching my facts of everything I know so far.
    I have no interest of being famous of this video, but I tried my best to prove other whys.
    Experiment: Failed.
    Here is photo:
    To those that are having trouble with the quality - or, in this case, everyone is, I will be uploading a better quality for you in the next video–which is the same, but will have better quality control, graphics, and editing, because I didn't edit this, so be prepared!

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